Jefferson Hamer

photo by chloe manor

“A gifted guitarist and singer, Hamer is able to hit close harmonies… and weave gorgeous instrumental lines.” -Acoustic Guitar

Jefferson Hamer has been a part of the New York City folk scene since moving from Colorado in 2008. His most recent album is Child Ballads, released in 2013 on Wilderland Records. A painstaking, contemporary American reworking of seven of Professor Francis James Child’s venerable 19th century English and Scottish Popular Ballads, this record was arranged and performed in close duo collaboration with acclaimed singer-songwriter Anais Mitchell. The album earned a BBC2 Folk Award in the Best Traditional Track category, and was named one of NPR’s top-ten Folk and Americana releases of 2013 (“their tight harmonies and … lyrical edits turned these centuries-old songs into contemporary gems” -NPR). His other release from 2013, The Murphy Beds, is an acoustic collaboration with Dublin-born musician Eamon O’Leary. Featuring ten American and Celtic-influenced folk songs, sung harmony duet-style, and decorated with intricate guitar and bouzouki accompaniment, The Murphy Beds creates a contemplative space where musical composition and arrangement converge with the deep Irish and American traditions. The Huffington Post said it succinctly: “The resulting album bears repeated listening from start to finish, with ten beautiful, crystalline songs.”

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