Jefferson Hamer

“A gifted guitarist and singer, Hamer is able to hit close harmonies… and weave gorgeous instrumental lines.” -Acoustic Guitar

Jefferson Hamer has been living and breathing folk music in New York City since moving from Colorado in 2008. His most recent album is Child Ballads, a contemporary American reworking of seven of Professor Francis James Child’s venerable 19th century English and Scottish Popular Ballads, arranged and performed in close duo collaboration with singer-songwriter Anais Mitchell. The album earned a BBC2 Folk Award in the Best Traditional Track category, and was named one of NPR’s top-ten Folk and Americana releases of 2013 (“their tight harmonies and … lyrical edits turned these centuries-old songs into contemporary gems” -NPR). His other release from 2013, The Murphy Beds, is an acoustic collaboration with Dublin-born musician Eamon O’Leary. Featuring ten American and Celtic-influenced folk songs, sung harmony duet-style, and decorated with intricate guitar and bouzouki accompaniment, The Murphy Beds creates a contemplative space where musical composition and arrangement converge with deep Irish and American traditions. The Huffington Post said it succinctly: “The resulting album bears repeated listening from start to finish, with ten beautiful, crystalline songs.”

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